Petition follow-up call or email template

To make sure that our Wage Enhancement Grant Petitions have the biggest impact possible, we are asking folks to follow up by calling or emailing their MPP. Politicians pay attention to the issues that they hear about from local residents.

You can customize this simple template to send a quick email to your MPP about maintaining the provincial wage enhancement grant. Or you can use it as a script to leave your MPP a phone message. Find your MPP's contact information. Not sure who your MPP is? Use this postal code look-up.


Dear [MPP Name]:

I am a constituent and I am expressing my support for continued investment in licensed child care in the April 11th Ontario Budget including keeping the $2 per hour Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant for Registered Early Childhood Educators and child care workers working in licensed child care.

I am one of over 12,000 people who have signed petitions to the legislature supporting the grant.

This grant provides important income support to educators, helps recruit and retain qualified educators in child care programs and keeps parent fees from rising.

As my elected representative, can I count on your support child care including maintaining this important funding?

Thank you.

[Name, parent/educator, centre name, town/city etc.]