Study Shows Potential Child Care Cuts of $63.5 million Would Cost Economy $148 million


A planned $63.5 million cut to Ontario’s child care programs would eliminate thousands of jobs and leave 7,600 children from low income families without child care.  

The Centre for Spatial Economics crunched the numbers on the impact of the provincial government eliminating $63.5 million that supports child care fee subsidies for single and low-income parents. 

 The study shows $63.5 million in child care cuts would result in:
• The disappearance of 7,600 subsidized child care spaces for children from low-income families
• The elimination of 1,800 child care jobs and another 1,100 jobs in the related economy
• Another 3,480 jobs vacated as parents are forced to leave work because they have no other child care options;
• Growing welfare rolls as out-of-work parents turn to social assistance.

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