The ETFO Budget Submission Wants Accessible Child Care

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario 

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario:

"Access to high-quality, licensed child care is essential for parents who are working, studying, participating in job-retraining programs, or simply seeking enriched child development experiences for their young children. Access to child care is more important than ever given the connection between workforce participation and economic recovery."

"A 2012 TD Bank report found that: “…total public spending in the [child care] sector in Canada has fallen short of many of its peers. At 0.25% of GDP, Canada ranks last among comparable European and Anglo-speaking countries...Even looking at family support, including child payments, parental leave benefits and child care support, public spending in Canada is 17% below the OECD average.”

"A 2009 study by economist Robert Fairholm reported a number of positive economic benefits, including that every dollar invested in child care increases the economy’s output (GDP) by $2.30."

"In response to pressure from the NDP, the 2012 Budget established $242 million in one-time funding spread over three years. This amount, according to child care researchers, reflects only about one-third of what is needed to stabilize existing child care programs, let alone expand the sector to better meet the needs of parents and their children."

To read more read pages 11-12 in the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario's Submission:

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario's Pre Budget Submission