The procreative class: How cities can help on the child-care front

The Globe and Mail 

What can cities do to help the child care front?

In the third article of a six part series, the Globe and Mail identifies that “the essential role of cities is often overlooked, even though the rapidly rising tension where child-care is the most expensive and in the shortest supply will only grow more urgent. “

“In Canada, only Ontario mandates that municipalities play a role, which includes providing some of the financing and managing the overall budget, as well as the option of running daycares themselves. “

“About half of Ontario’s cities do and, despite persistent shortages, Toronto has taken a lead, spending more money than the province requires. “

However But elsewhere in the country, “it’s just not on the radar of most municipal officials,” says Martha Friendly, executive director of the Toronto-based Childcare Resource and Research Unit.

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